Broucher Design

We have agreed you a collection of great brochure design templates elsewhere on the site. But when it comes to making a spectacular brochure design from scratch – something that can take pride of place in your design portfolio – how do you make it really stand out?

We strive to create brochure designs that deliver a return on your investment, create interest and deliver better results. We have produced brochure designs for startup businesses along with multi-national companies.

A brochure is a common marketing tool used to advertise a service or product presentation. It takes the form of a pamphlet or flyer that is used to distribute information about something.

Brochures available in electronic format are called e-brochures. This format has the added benefit of unlimited distribution and cost savings when compared to traditional paper brochures.

When you are thinking about how to design a brochure, start by asking customers why they think that they need a brochure. Then ask them to define their ideas. Sometimes they just want one because their last brochure didn't work. If they have come up with a brief for you, take a step back from that and look at exactly what it is they're trying to achieve.

When you thinking of how to design a brochure, keep the end purpose in mind. Is this a brochure that's going to be posted out in response to requests made on a website? Is it a giveaway at an exhibition, or a leave-behind brochure? When someone opens it, what will it say to them? Design for that person, not for yourself.

Brochure designs need to fit in with what the client does as a business. Charities don't want luxury brochures that will make persons think they have spent a lot of money on them, whereas a new product might need a brochure that looks amazing on an exhibition stand. We are the top most Brochure design in Mumbai.